Yesterday was a different day then we had planned but that is how God works. It started out at 6:30 am with a phone call from my neighbor who had not been feeling well for several days. She was having a problem with her heart and needed us to take her to the emergency room. I immediately got dressed and went over. She said she felt faint. Upon her instructions, I gathered all kinds of supplies for her husband who had cancer and was on a feeding tube and chemo.Karl arrived shortly after and we took the half hour trip to the hospital in the city, not the one we serve at. They quickly checked her out and determined her heart was in  Arythemia. They put an IV in and told me they would keep her until 2:00 then give her an injection and send her home. She will need to come back in the morning for another injection and then hopefully they can regulate it with oral medication. At her request we took her husband back home as she was concerned about his feeding schedule. She had another friend that offered to bring her home. Once home I got her husband situated and went back to our house. Karl continued to paint and spackle. At 1:00 I went over to prepare medication and tube feed her husband. Then back home to wait for my neighbors call that she arrived home. At 4:00 the call came. I returned to their house at 5:30 with dinner for her and offered to tube feed her husband as she needed to rest. At first she said that would be nice but before I left said she said she could do it. I told her to call if she changed her mind. She was grateful for our help and the meal. Today at 8:30 am we will bring her back to the hospital for her injection. Karl hopes to finish the painting today.