Good Morning from Honduras! We have arrived safe and sound. Already we have gotten groceries, picked up our car which was in the shop, fixed our bathroom sink, contacted a repairman to do some work we couldn’t do ourselves, got our internet up and running, got our phone chips, purchased a few necessities that had gotten destroyed in the heat or other ways as well as purchased paint to begin the much needed painting of the house. 

  After we finish painting the inside of the house which will take sometime, we need to look into getting our 22 year old car air conditioner fixed. It can be dangerous to drive with your windows down here not to mention with the windows up and the 45 minute trip to town, any groceries we have in the car are cooked when we get home! This is our only option right now. We would appreciate your prayers on this as we have paid and had it to several mechanics in the past few years but they can not seem to fix it to last longer than a month. Every year we need to get it repaired again. We are forever grateful to have this car here as cars in Honduras are extremely expensive and although we know eventually we will need a newer one, we are happy to keep this one as long as God allows us to continue to fix the issues that arise with it. 

  Our furniture is in route to Honduras. It should arrive within the next two weeks. We will be donating our old furniture to the boys home in Belfate.  

We give thanks to God and to you, our prayers partners and doners for being able to be obedient to what He has called us to do. You are a part of this ministry in every thing we do and we are extremely grateful for you. We continue to to pray for you and ask you keep us in your prayers also.