After taking my neighbor this morning to the hospital for her injection, she needed to go to the grocery store or should I say 3 grocery stores. Then she needed to go to two pharmacies for medication. We were happy to help her in this way.  

I called and talked to Evelyn who asked when I can come work for her. Evelyn has a clinic about 10 miles away. I had worked for her in the past a little. Next week we are going to the hospital but I told her I can come out and help her also. 

We were able to get our car air conditioner fixed at the cost of $ 60.00. Now we can be safe in town. Praise God!  With the cost of the paint and other repairs we have had which we are paying out of our pocket it is beginning to add up. If anyone is willing to help with the cost of repairing our air conditioner for the car so we can be safe in would be appreciated. 

We are grateful for all the prayers and ask you continue to pray for us. We are praying God will give each of you good health and blessings abundantly.