Today we went to help Evelyn at the clinic. I worked in the lab with a woman from Washington who came for a week to help. We mostly did blood sugars. Several people had extremely high glucose levels. One of the highest was over 400!   There was a baby that was 10 months old and weighed only 9lbs. He had a cleft palette. He needed to be 9 lbs before surgery was done. 

 Karl put up 2 fans in the clinic and looked at an optical machine as well as hung a curtain and put up an additional fan in the house.  

Yesterday our furniture arrived! Everything was here and undamaged! Praise God! I stayed behind to recieve it while Karl went to the hospital. It is a tad crowded in here but looks beautiful with the newly painted walls. We are blessed. I can honestly say for the first time since we have owned the house that it feels like home. 


Back at the hospital this morning. I spent the day with a woman in labor. It was her second baby. The first one died either during childbirth or right after it was born. Around 2:00 it was determined she would need a c section. She was 19 and had her first baby at 16. So common here. The midwife at the hospital knew the baby was large, over 9 lbs. I went into the OR with her to watch the birth. The baby boy was 11 lbs 8 oz! He was the second largest baby ever at the hospital. 

Karl continues to work on the microscope. It is a challenging job. 


Today we went to the Clinica de Los Angles to help clean and paint as an eye team will be arriving next week to do surgery in this newly build clinic. Many people in this area are blind or have cateracs. The need is great. Karl painted the waiting area as well as the large inside room. I mostly cleaned and then painted some trim. Shelly the monkey was there to make sure we did a good job! For lunch Evelyn and her husband Jose invited to eat at their house. A soup with chicken, rice, vegetables, and bananas (which were in the soup) was served! It was delicious. For dessert of course, chocolate! Evelyn and her husband have done so much for this community. They have built a soccer field as well as a school and a medical clinic along with the new eye clinic. Evelyn also goes up the mountain to give home care to the poor that can not come down the mountain. In addition they have built several houses and help the community in many ways. We are excited to help in this great ministry.

The first day back to the hospital was a fairly busy one. We headed out at 7 am down the dirt road to arrive at 8:10. Upon arriving we were greeted by some old friends and some new ones.  

Karls first job was to fix  a very large microscope for surgery. Large meaning it stands on the floor.  

I was in wound care and the emergency room. We had an elderly gentleman who had been in the hospital before. This time it was his heart. His blood pressure kept dropping. He also had arythemia. Next was a young girl of 15. Her arm was three times the size of her other arm. She had what looked to me like a large cyst. They X-rayed it. It was sad to hear the doctor tell her it is cancer. They have no chemo or treatment for cancer at Loma de Luz. She would need to go to the city which is 41/2 hours away. They didn’t have the money for that. The doctor told me it will probably kill her. They are having her come back in next week to talk to the surgeon. Possibly removing the arm may help. I gave her a trac about Jesus. She took it and said thank you but lay it down before reading it. The whole time she nor her family showed any emotion. I am praying for her and ask you to join me with this. We also have a 21/2 lb baby that that I may help with. I was introduced to the mom and the doctor asked me to periodically go and check on the baby and the mom. The mom is very young but her mother was also there at the time. In between  a few patients that needed stitches out and a boy with with a broken wrist, I checked out all 9 IV pumps by feeding Saline solution through them to see if they worked properly.  

We arrived home around 5 pm. I had made a stew the day before so I could just heat it up for dinner. We ate and shortly after I went to bed. Getting up at 4 am, I am tired by 8!  


This morning we are headed out to visit Evelyn. She has asked me once again to work with her at her clinic. We will talk about that today. We also will be buying some coffee from a local farmer she knows to support this woman trying to start up a coffee business.  

Next week we will start at the hospital. As I understand it, they have lots of work for Karl. I am unsure what I will be doing at this point. 


After taking my neighbor this morning to the hospital for her injection, she needed to go to the grocery store or should I say 3 grocery stores. Then she needed to go to two pharmacies for medication. We were happy to help her in this way.  

I called and talked to Evelyn who asked when I can come work for her. Evelyn has a clinic about 10 miles away. I had worked for her in the past a little. Next week we are going to the hospital but I told her I can come out and help her also. 

We were able to get our car air conditioner fixed at the cost of $ 60.00. Now we can be safe in town. Praise God!  With the cost of the paint and other repairs we have had which we are paying out of our pocket it is beginning to add up. If anyone is willing to help with the cost of repairing our air conditioner for the car so we can be safe in would be appreciated. 

We are grateful for all the prayers and ask you continue to pray for us. We are praying God will give each of you good health and blessings abundantly.  


Yesterday was a different day then we had planned but that is how God works. It started out at 6:30 am with a phone call from my neighbor who had not been feeling well for several days. She was having a problem with her heart and needed us to take her to the emergency room. I immediately got dressed and went over. She said she felt faint. Upon her instructions, I gathered all kinds of supplies for her husband who had cancer and was on a feeding tube and chemo.Karl arrived shortly after and we took the half hour trip to the hospital in the city, not the one we serve at. They quickly checked her out and determined her heart was in  Arythemia. They put an IV in and told me they would keep her until 2:00 then give her an injection and send her home. She will need to come back in the morning for another injection and then hopefully they can regulate it with oral medication. At her request we took her husband back home as she was concerned about his feeding schedule. She had another friend that offered to bring her home. Once home I got her husband situated and went back to our house. Karl continued to paint and spackle. At 1:00 I went over to prepare medication and tube feed her husband. Then back home to wait for my neighbors call that she arrived home. At 4:00 the call came. I returned to their house at 5:30 with dinner for her and offered to tube feed her husband as she needed to rest. At first she said that would be nice but before I left said she said she could do it. I told her to call if she changed her mind. She was grateful for our help and the meal. Today at 8:30 am we will bring her back to the hospital for her injection. Karl hopes to finish the painting today. 

Good Morning from Honduras! We have arrived safe and sound. Already we have gotten groceries, picked up our car which was in the shop, fixed our bathroom sink, contacted a repairman to do some work we couldn’t do ourselves, got our internet up and running, got our phone chips, purchased a few necessities that had gotten destroyed in the heat or other ways as well as purchased paint to begin the much needed painting of the house. 

  After we finish painting the inside of the house which will take sometime, we need to look into getting our 22 year old car air conditioner fixed. It can be dangerous to drive with your windows down here not to mention with the windows up and the 45 minute trip to town, any groceries we have in the car are cooked when we get home! This is our only option right now. We would appreciate your prayers on this as we have paid and had it to several mechanics in the past few years but they can not seem to fix it to last longer than a month. Every year we need to get it repaired again. We are forever grateful to have this car here as cars in Honduras are extremely expensive and although we know eventually we will need a newer one, we are happy to keep this one as long as God allows us to continue to fix the issues that arise with it. 

  Our furniture is in route to Honduras. It should arrive within the next two weeks. We will be donating our old furniture to the boys home in Belfate.  

We give thanks to God and to you, our prayers partners and doners for being able to be obedient to what He has called us to do. You are a part of this ministry in every thing we do and we are extremely grateful for you. We continue to to pray for you and ask you keep us in your prayers also. 

    We want to give Glory to God! Thank you for all who have donated for us to continue God’s work in Honduras.  

    This trip will be of a different nature for us. It is a start up trip to prepare for future longer trips. Many years ago God revealed to me that He wanted us to be in Honduras 6 months a year. Finally the time has come for us to do this. We will be shipping furniture down and setting up for being in Honduras longer, according to God’s plan. Our main purpose for this trip is to make contact with the ministries we will be working with in the future. This includes working part time at the hospital, Karl talking with a few pastors to see about evangelizing with them and Cindy talking with Lisa to see how she can help with her ministry. We have work that needs to be done on our house as well as our 22 year old car.  Please keep us in your prayers that we can disearn Gods plan for our future in Honduras as well as for our health and safety.