We want to give Glory to God! Thank you for all who have donated for us to continue God’s work in Honduras.  

    This trip will be of a different nature for us. It is a start up trip to prepare for future longer trips. Many years ago God revealed to me that He wanted us to be in Honduras 6 months a year. Finally the time has come for us to do this. We will be shipping furniture down and setting up for being in Honduras longer, according to God’s plan. Our main purpose for this trip is to make contact with the ministries we will be working with in the future. This includes working part time at the hospital, Karl talking with a few pastors to see about evangelizing with them and Cindy talking with Lisa to see how she can help with her ministry. We have work that needs to be done on our house as well as our 22 year old car.  Please keep us in your prayers that we can disearn Gods plan for our future in Honduras as well as for our health and safety.