It has been somewhat of an exagusting few days. Praise God Marco is feeling better but the terrible twos has come out in him. He wants his own way, probably misses his mom, and has began to have temper tantrums like any normal almost two year old. On the other side of things, he has been calling me ma all the time, gives long hugs, and oh that contagious smile will melt your heart every time. 

   Lisa comes back today and I will leave here tomorrow spending the night in Roma with our friends Hoss and Lori. It is closer to the airport. Tomorrow I will need to go to the Tigo store and have my phone turned off and hopefully get to Marcos community one more time if we can.  

Reflecting on this trip is that I know for sure, it was God planed and not of my own doing. Everything fell into place and went well. Lisa needed a well deserved break as this ministry can be draining to oneself if you are not careful to take time out. Now I need to disearn and pray for God’s leading and direction from here. All I desire is to be obedient to Him. I pray He make HIS will very loud and clear to me and I will know my next step from here.I will for sure miss little Marco and being in this beautiful peaceful place. 

Leavimg is not something I look forward to although seeing my family is. It is grewling trip home being up almost 24 hours. My heart is broken in two..half here and half back with my family and friends. So hard to leave.

 I want to thank all of my supporters who prayed for me and made it financially possible for me to come.