We went to church this morning. After church we went to eat as we also grocery shop while in the city and it is too far to come home,eat and return. While grocery shopping both Mary Ann and I picked out a few things for the babies we are caring for at the hospital. Jose, the baby I am caring for has no clothing and no blanket to put around him. I chose to get him a little shirt and 3 baby towels as they were less expensive than one blanket and can be used to wrap him in. I also got a toy to hang above where he sleeps as he is starting to look around and I thought it would help keep his eyes focused on something. Mary Ann chose to get 2 packages of diapers,one for the baby she is caring for and one for the hospital. She also got a onesie for Milagro, the baby she is caring for. Please keep these little ones in your prayers.