It was a bitter sweet day..Jose had a rough weekend the nurse told me. Today wasn't much better. He cried a lot. He had to have a tube put in down his nose into his stomach to eat. He also had to go for an x ray. His blood sugar dropped to a dangerously low 46 . He had to be fed sugar water through a syringe.He was not happy today although he seemed stronger. He could actually turn his head and his little legs seemed stronger when he kicked and cried while they put the tube in. His blood sugar dropped to a dangerous 46 and he needed to be fed sugar water by a syringe.

Mary Ann's little one had good news. When we arrived this morning the mom said she missed us the two days we were not here. We both got a big hug. The baby  was doing very well and it looks like she will be going home this weekend although she is only a little over 3 lbs. Her daddy came for a visit and the mom went home this afternoon with him, the first time in 23 days! She will be back tomorrow.  

 Karl worked on putting the C- arm back together since they can't get the part they need. Then he worked on the oxygenator, and tried to fix a missionary's dryer but needs a part to complete the job.  

Glen worked on finishing up the cart he started on Friday and then made several small caskets in 3 different sizes for the hospital to have on hand. I am hoping they do not need one for my little baby.  

 Please pray for baby Miligro that she will will continue to eat and be able to go home this weekend. Also pray for Jose that the doctors will be able to figure out exactly what's wrong with him resolve the issue. 

Thank you for continued prayers for all of us.  we count on them every day.