A day off from the hospital but I am concerned about the baby I am caring for. He seemed to eat better yesterday but it took a lot of retraining the nurses on the formula. People here breastfeed their babies and they rarely deal with formula. I wish we were closer to the hospital so I could go check on him today. He is very weak but I have seen some progress in the week I've been with him. He now moves his arms and legs and attempts to hold his head a bit but still can not. He keeps his eyes open longer also. He even smiled for me. Hope he does not regress. Please keep little Jose in your prayers. 

  Yesterday Glen worked on making a wooden cart for the hospital and Karl worked on the oxygenator for the hospital. Mary Ann and I did babies. Love my job this year! 

Karl will some gardening this morning. The repair man is here for the refrigerator at our neighbor's house that we are caring for while they are in the states and the repairman for our house is coming this morning. After that, Karl and Glen will go to town to get a part for our house (, if he can get it ) and try to meet up with Freddy whom we have been witnessing to for several years. I had laundry to finish. 

The days are going by quickly and I can't believe we are half way through our trip already. Praising God for good health and safety so far. please continue to pray for us, especially as Karl drives on the roads. Pray our car continues to run and for our health and safety. Feel free to email us, we would love to hear from you.