The first day back to the hospital was a fairly busy one. We headed out at 7 am down the dirt road to arrive at 8:10. Upon arriving we were greeted by some old friends and some new ones.  

Karls first job was to fix  a very large microscope for surgery. Large meaning it stands on the floor.  

I was in wound care and the emergency room. We had an elderly gentleman who had been in the hospital before. This time it was his heart. His blood pressure kept dropping. He also had arythemia. Next was a young girl of 15. Her arm was three times the size of her other arm. She had what looked to me like a large cyst. They X-rayed it. It was sad to hear the doctor tell her it is cancer. They have no chemo or treatment for cancer at Loma de Luz. She would need to go to the city which is 41/2 hours away. They didn’t have the money for that. The doctor told me it will probably kill her. They are having her come back in next week to talk to the surgeon. Possibly removing the arm may help. I gave her a trac about Jesus. She took it and said thank you but lay it down before reading it. The whole time she nor her family showed any emotion. I am praying for her and ask you to join me with this. We also have a 21/2 lb baby that that I may help with. I was introduced to the mom and the doctor asked me to periodically go and check on the baby and the mom. The mom is very young but her mother was also there at the time. In between  a few patients that needed stitches out and a boy with with a broken wrist, I checked out all 9 IV pumps by feeding Saline solution through them to see if they worked properly.  

We arrived home around 5 pm. I had made a stew the day before so I could just heat it up for dinner. We ate and shortly after I went to bed. Getting up at 4 am, I am tired by 8!