Today we went to the Clinica de Los Angles to help clean and paint as an eye team will be arriving next week to do surgery in this newly build clinic. Many people in this area are blind or have cateracs. The need is great. Karl painted the waiting area as well as the large inside room. I mostly cleaned and then painted some trim. Shelly the monkey was there to make sure we did a good job! For lunch Evelyn and her husband Jose invited to eat at their house. A soup with chicken, rice, vegetables, and bananas (which were in the soup) was served! It was delicious. For dessert of course, chocolate! Evelyn and her husband have done so much for this community. They have built a soccer field as well as a school and a medical clinic along with the new eye clinic. Evelyn also goes up the mountain to give home care to the poor that can not come down the mountain. In addition they have built several houses and help the community in many ways. We are excited to help in this great ministry.