Lisa extended her stay in the states for 5 additional days. She will not return until the day before I come home. Today she asked if I could take another sick child. I asked how old? She said the same age as Marco. I inquired what is wrong with her? She replied, the same thing..malnourished, worms, diarrhea. I told her that Marco has been a bit difficult lately and with no gate at the cement steps, if the wooden back door is open he heads for his little pool, and he does not have many toys so wants to play with the cups, brooms , etc. if this other little one has anything contagious which worms are, Marco is sure to get it. By myself in a non child proof home, I simply did not feel I was able to do it. Once again confirms the need for this entire malnutrition community with no clean water. Child by child we can care for them but if they have no food when returning it solves nothing but a temporary fix. Please keep this community and these babies in your prayers.