I woke up to the rain several times last night. When it rains in Honduras it pours. It didn’t register with me to get up and check anything. When morning came and I went down to make the coffee, I realized the storage room I organized for Lisa was flooded. The boxes were wet. After getting Marco dressed and fed, I begin the task of taking things out of boxes so they don’t mildew and finding new boxes for them.I mop up the water with towels. I realize also that Morro had towels under the door in the upstairs as water was coming in there also.

Then the power went out and was out until about 4:00.  The wind blew as it continued to rain and the spring on the door broke off when the door got caught in the wind. After lunch I realized there was more water on the floor of the room I just finished cleaning up! The water was coming in under the window sil. I help clean that up and quickly realize it is also coming in under the bookcase in the kitchen! In the tropics you need to calk the windows every year. I notified Lisa and she said she had the windows done but they must have done a bad job at it! Luckily tile floor cleans up pretty easily.

   Marco continues to get better. I gave him a bath, which he enjoys and when the power comes back on do a load of towels. Today I stopped all neublizer treatments and prednisone. He is no longer wheezing. He is still on antibiotics, iron, zinc, and vitamins, His mom called to see when she can take him but Lisa said the doctor wants to build up His immunity and she should keep him at least 6 months. The mother who gives him no attention and no food probably will not allow him to stay and he will get sick again. Today he learned to say more in English and give me kisses.  

This evening I played uno with Melvin. It was fun. He didn’t go to school today because it was raining too hard and he would need to ride his bike. it is still raining but not as hard. I will get up at 5:15 to be sure Melvin is up for school.