First day solo! Things went well. It was warm enough out so I took Marco out into his new little pool yesterday. He loved it. We went for a walk, played bubbles, played ball, did laundry, gave medicine, gave breathing treatments, paid the workers and made dinner. It was an exagusting day for me and I was sure Marco would be tired but he he was not! Finally around 8:30he fell asleep. I am grateful he slept all night! When he woke up I made him oatmeal I brought with me and he loved it! 

  My main focus here is taking care of this sick baby, who praise the Lord, seems to be getting better. I am not writing much about the other children as they are pretty self sufficient. I do need to know where they are and what they are doing and make sure they do their chores but they are good kids and there isn’t much to say about teenagers. They played cards together yesterday afternoon and Morro likes to play soccer every afternoon from 3-6. Melvin plays the pan flute and although I have not seen him play it I hear it from his bedroom.