And we are off..we'll sort of. We are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight. We both had very little sleep as karl ended up working late last night and Bryanna had car trouble so once he got home, he had to look at her car. Our last minute items were on hold till morning. We got up at 3:30 and quickly got all the last minute things packed and before we knew it the Huzzards who graciously agreeded to bring us to the airport and were at our door. We loaded up the truck at 4;30 and were off. Once we arrived at the airport Karl could not find his drivers license and card holder. After searching he did find it but somehow after the security check lost it again! Backtrack to security and the men's room along with lost and found left us disappointed as he would not be able to drive in Honduras and I don't drive there, not to mention you need 2 forms of ID to get in and out of Honduras. After searching for a 4th time all the backpacks and 2 carry on bags, we found it! Praise God!!! Hoping we can both get some sleep. I can not usually sleep on the plane. Our first stop is Houston, then after a 2 hour delay, we head off to San Pedro Sula Honduras where we will meet our driver, Sergio, who will take us the 3 hour trip to our house. We should arrive there around 5-6 pm.