Karl dropped me off at Lisa's house to go to the dump with her. We left for La Ceiba but Lisa had many stops to make on the way.One stop was for a sick baby with a fever. We promise to bring antibiotics later. Then she had a few stores to go to. We were going to pick up a child that was in danger and take him home with her. We started up the mountain and stopped for lunch at Pico Bonito, a national park on the way. The food was excellent and there were beautiful flowers all around. When we were done lunch we headed up the mountain to meet the woman who was coming half way when the phone rang. It was someone who said the mom asked her to call and let us know she needed to leave to go back up the mountain as it was the last bus. So we can not get the boy until tomorrow.We go over to the dump but it was getting pretty late so we Lisa just stayed in the car and talked to the people she needed to. Then we headed back home. I was disappointed we didn't go to make house calls and see the people but Lisa has a lot on her plate right now so it just wasn't possible this time.