Started off the day with a sting from what I think was a bee. I couldn't get the stinger out but eventually I did. I put ice on it and it seemed fine an hour later. Instead of going to the hospital I went to see a clinic another missionary runs. She said she was desperate for help. I saw some lespanisis, cough,and malaria. She offered me a full time position with her. I told her I would need to go home and pray about it. Please be in prayer about this.  

After clinic, we went up the mountain to hand out clothing and shoes to the poor. I handed out tootsie rolls also. We went to a house up in the mountains and did a house call on a man in a wheel chair. He had three large bed sores. After that, we went to a friend's house that the woman who has the clinic knew. They made tamales for us and even let us make our own! It was fun. When we returned to the house of the woman who has the clinic, I had opportunity to play with her two howler monkeys!  

Karl stayed home today to do some painting and fixing of things in our house that needed to be done before we leave.  

After dinner, we walked over to my neighbors house to return their keys and suddenly my arm began to hurt a lot where the bee had stung me. It hurt to move the bone in my arm. It was hot and swollen. I took ibuprofen and put ice on it as well as wrap it in an ace bandage to keep it from moving. if not better by tomorrow, I will go to the doctor.