Today was the opposite of yesterday. It started off busy and got slower. Upon arriving I had a 4 year old in the emergency room to give a neublizer treatment to. Then I needed to go to the pharmacy to get some prednisone for her and crush it and mix with orange juice. After giving her that and a second neublizer treatment if was off to X-ray for her. The next patient was one I had seen a few days ago that had an open wound down to the bone. I unbandaged it and as it needed to be cleaned daily. The same was for the man who had a mangled foot that  Dr. Jeff pinned every toe back in place. We needed to unbandaged it, clean it and rebandage it. Then it was over to the hospital side to care for another man who had a bad infection in his leg. He may lose his leg but we are trying hard to clear up the infection and praying the leg will not need to be amputated. 

Karl worked on a washing machine.