The power went out around midnight. I got up around 3:30 but couldn't make coffee 😥. Did my usual routine and went for my walk and when I got back, the power was on! Praise God, coffee! Got to the hospital and the first case was a local schophrenic man covered in dirt. He was found lying on the road. I was asked to take his vital signs which I did. Dr. Peter came in and warned me he can get violent and if he did I should just yell and run out of the room. Then they called up a guard from below to come up and stay with him just in case. There was no issue. Next was a lady with a fractured arm and large cut on her leg. I was asked to clean it. Then there was a baby with club feet( fortunately to too bad), another patient that had hand issues, and the man Dr Jeff did the the foot surgery on who needed his wounds cleaned. Then Dr. Jeff asked me to stand in while he did a breast exam. After that I went over to the hospital side to help clean and bandage a man that came in yesterday with the fracture that had wounds that were infected.   in between there was a little boy who I needed to monitor as they had to put him out in order to aspirate fluid from his knee. There were others in between all of these patients. Turned out to be a very busy day.

 Karl worked on the blood pressure monitor, and the baby warmer today.