Woke up at 3 am. Made coffee and did devotions. Got ready for work, took a walk, and made eggs for breakfast. Off to the hospital at 7am. The beginning of the day started off very slow. There were lots of patients but somehow I only had about 5 for vital signs. When I was done with them, I wandered around the hospital looking for work. Dr. Ryan, the head doctor went into the emergency room, wound care, the OR and other areas of the hospital looking for work for me. There was none. I sit for about an hour and wander into the wound care again. The had a few patients. I started by unbandaging one wound and cleaning it. Next was a fractured leg which I helped with. There was also a woman who had the largest foot/ leg  I've ever seen. It looked like she had a bag around it. From the knee down, you couldn't even see her foot. Strangest thing I've ever seen. Then there was the man Dr. Jeff did surgery on to put his foot back together. He had pins in every toe. We unbandaged it to see how it was healing. One toe was very black but the others looked good. There was also a man who would need to have an amputation and it smelled really bad. The lady that already had an amputation needed her stitches out. A busy afternoon after a slow morning. 

  Karl fixed an endoscope and worked on a baby warmer, as well as repaired the operating room sterilizer. A full day for sure.