Got up and did my usual routine. Got to the hospital around 8. Did vital signs and then went to the emergency room and wound care. They had more than enough help there so I wandered into the hall to see if there was somewhere else I could work. I ran into a nurse who asked if I wanted work. I gladly said yes. She went with me up into the attic supply room and asked me to organize all the items that were not yet on shelves but in boxes. She worked with me. When I was done with that before going home, I went over to see the Mckenney's pet monkey Jack. He is a little white face about 6 months old. We had him outside on the porch and he jumped all around. He would jump down from the wall onto my head and then run around and hang from my arm. He was very fast. So much fun as I love monkeys.  

Karl spent the day watching surgery again and waiting for the c-arm to fail but once again it worked perfectly. He watched Dr. Jeff put pins in all five toes of a man. He had broken all his toes.  

Then it was down the long dirt road to home where. I made spaghetti for dinner and cleaned up.