Today I got up at 4,did my devotions, made the coffee, took a shower, and went for my walk. I had wonderful mango and pineapple for breakfast. Made lunch which was tuna fish and out the door by 7 am. I did vital signs until I finished all the patients then went into the emergency room. Our first patient was a machete wound that needed stitches. Next was a man who got palm spurs in his arm. They are like large spikes that went in under the skin like a sliver. Dr. Peter had to cut open his arm to get them out and it was quite a job! He kept flushing it with iodine. Then after he had to stitch it up. Next up was a young boy of 9 years old who could not walk due to pain. Upon examining him we found there was fluid around his knee. He did not fall or injur it and it had been that way for two months. After x-ray and ultrasound Dr. Peter took some of the fluid out. It was an infection and he suspected something much worse. He sent the blood and pus to the lab. Then he gave the boys mom and grand mom enough money to go buy ice cream while we waited for the lab work to come back. Our last patient was a young man who had been in a motorcycle accident 4 months ago. He had injured his left shoulder and could not move his arm. Dr. Peter felt so bad. The boy had damaged the nerves and muscle and he could do nothing to help him. He said he needed a miracle and began to pray over the boy. 

In between cases, I finished organizing more in the wound care. It was a good, busy productive day and I am grateful.

Karl said he feels like a maytag repair man these days. He worked on the washing machine again today.  

We returned home at 4 and did laundry. Leftover chicken and rice for dinner. They we played a game of scrabble and now it's time for bed.