Our time here is flying by. I was up at my usual 4 am, did devotions and made the coffee. At 4:30 the power went out and it was dark until about 6 am but..I had coffee! Once it began to get light, I made my lunch, got dressed, and went for a walk. The power came on about 6:45. We left for the hospital at 7 am. 

 Once we arrived, I got my assignment to go do vital signs down at triage. Karl work on the c-arm. After vital signs I was asked to work in the emergency room and wound care but the hospital was well staffed today and they didn't need help. The head doctor then asked me to go into the surgical area of the hospital and make up surgery packets. I did that until I ran out of materials but it was just about time to go home. Karl fixed the c- arm and was working on the oxygenator. As we were getting ready to leave Dr Jeff asked Karl to go into the OR to be sure the c-arm was working properly. I tagged along since we were ready to go home and my work was done. We watched as he set a boy with a broken arm that the bones were not lined up. He pushed and pulled for about 45 minutes and minulapated the arm until it was in place. The c-arm worked fine so after the surgery we went home.