Up at 4 am and did my devotions, made the coffee, put my chicken in the crock pot for dinner, ate mango and pineapple for breakfast, made lunches, got dressed and we are off to serve the Lord today. Pray everyone who meets us sees Jesus's love through us and we will be a shinning light. 

The day started out with a ride down the bumpy dirt road. I actually like the dirt road as you see so many interesting sights along the way and no one can go too fast. My first job was vital signs. After that I did a little filling. Then I was asked to help out in the emergency room and wound care but they didn't really need any help. After that I organized bandages and gause as well as other things onto wire racks in the wound care room. 

  Karl went to the children's home to fix the washing machine. He had to come back as it is outside and it began to pour rain.  Then he went back to finish the job.