Sunday- we got up and went to church. On the way we called Freddy to pick him up but he did not answer. Last Sunday we were to meet him and bring him to church with us but he didn't show up at the meeting place. We have not seen him yet this trip. 

 We had a guest speaker at church who gave a very good message about God's love and what happens when we are hurt and don't forgive right away. Bitterness sets in. After the sermon I told him how much I enjoyed it and he told me he was only 17 years old. I had thought he was about 29-30.  

After church we went to visit friends who came to our house on Saturday to see us. They had called us when they found out we were in Honduras and wanted to come over so we had them for lunch on Saturday. They asked us to stop by after church and they wanted to give us some fruit from their trees. They gave us a very large mango and some star fruit that she told me to make juice out of and give it to Karl. After returning home we went swimming for half and hour then when I got in I made the juice for Karl which he will drink in the morning. She said it was good for diabetics.  

I also found out that Santos who was cut with the bottle accepted the Lord today! What wonderful news. He will be leaving the hospital tomorrow but need to stay in the area and not return to his home yet until his face is healed more.  

Tomorrow we leave for the hospital at 7 am. Got my backpack packed and lunches partly ready for morning.