A Day of Prayer


Talking to Lisa Bradley this morning she requested prayer for a 29 year old man from the dump named Santos. It seemed a month or so ago he was hit with a glass bottle someone threw at him. No medical attention meant infection and what looked like an abscess to me. He had a very large and hanging ball of puss coming off his jaw. She brought him to the hospital and although they said he needed surgery, they couldn't schedule him until Monday but asked he stay close by in case it rupture. Lisa put him up in a hotel near the hospital. At 4 am the hotel called Lisa and said they were taking the man to the hospital as it had ruptured and he could bleed to death. The call went out for blood donations as there is no blood banks close by. Usually hospital workers or friends donate and the blood goes immediately into the patient. They have no time to test for diseases. He receives the blood he needs and surgery was preformed. Praise God! He will stay in the hospital a few days. 

 The next order of prayer was for a missionary family that lived here and served at the hospital for  many years and went back to the states about 4 years ago. Their daughter is getting married on Saturday in Honduras where she grew up.They were coming from the airport when their van with the bride and groom as well as other friends and bridal party collided with a motorcycle. Everyone in their van was fine but the two on the motorcycle were badly injured. In Honduras if an American is in a car accident it is always your fault. They requested prayer for the people on the motorcycle. I have heard it said in Honduras if you injure a Honduran you may be responsible for their medical bills as well as taking care of the person for their life ( financially)if they can no longer work. This will be a cloud over  the joyful wedding day of their daughter. I pray for the victims as well as for our friends that the outcome is good.

The next set of prayers were for Karl. We needed a cable and some groceries so had to go into town. He thought he knew where the store for cable was but could not find it. I began to pray and praise God we found it! They did not have what we needed (although they had one yesterday, they tend to only have one of each item often and it must have been sold)so we walked across the street to another store and did find what we needed except they did not have the connector. We go back to the first store and I began to pray for them to have the connector. Praise God once again, they had it! We come home and Karl hooks up the wires while I bake brownies for our company tomorrow. Praise God we got all our issues solved this week so we can go out to the hospital next week and concentrate on serving the Lord there.