Monday- the pump the neighbor gave us worked only for about an hour. Off to a store about half way to town to get some polyethylene that we needed, thinking we will get a new pump tomorrow since it was too late in the afternoon to go all the way to town. As God would have it, this store sold pumps also! We were able to get a new pump and Karl was able to install it before nightfall so we now have water pressure! Praise God. 

Tuesday- we will need to go to town later but when we awoke, Karl put together the wardrobe cabinet we had gotten. About 8:30 am the power went out while I was trying to do laundry since I now have water. the power came on briefly again for about half an hour then went back out. We decided after lunch to go back to town to get the cable we need for the internet along with some parts for our toilet to fix it. As luck would have it, we got a flat tire before we left our neighborhood! Since our spare is no good, we need to have our neighbor bring us to town so we can get new tires. I decide to stay behind and swim and finish the laundry once we have power. They were able to get some used tires as well as the parts for the toilet and the cable they needed but it is starting to get dark and they are not home yet. In Honduras you do not drive at night due to the dangers on the road as well as the large pot holes you can not see at night.