Sunday -We got up and went to church with our neighbors. We had intention of picking up Freddy on our way and although we called, he was not waiting when we arrived so we moved on. As customary here, we went out to eat after church with some church friends and then to finish grocery shopping. In Honduras you can almost never get all you need at one store. Once we arrived home and put the groceries away, it was time for dinner. We had sandwiches as we had eaten our big meal out at lunchtime. An hour later our neighbor invited us over to visit so we went and talked about what we needed to do to get a water pump. It seems they have have an extra one we may be able to buy from them but we still need to check to see if we have all the connectors.

Monday-It looks like another trip to town to get internet cable, a toilet valve, and possibly parts for the pump.These stores were not opened yesterday so we could not get them. We typically do not go to the hospital the first week in order to get everything up and running here. We had planed ahead to do the rice and beans this week also but things don't always go as planned and it looks like we won't be able to do that. We will try again next week to see if Scott is free to take us.