September 8, 2016 Thursday 

 This is our last day down the 8 mile asphalt road and 13 mile  very bumpy dirt  road which takes an hour total to get to the hospital.It is our last day at the hospital and we will leave at 12.I cry as I write this and those that know me, know  I am not a crier and only do so about 1-2 times a year. I will miss this life and Jose also. On the plus side, I talked to another doctor today who agreed that Jose's roommate should be moved. Praise the Lord for answered prayers. Hopefully he didn't already catch what that other baby has. The pastor came in as usual to see all the patients and pray for them and prayed for me as well.Everyone thanked me for coming and wants to know when we will return. Lots of hugs were given.It is sad indeed to leave. We will stop on our way home to eat lunch at a typical restaurant. Then head home to start packing. This will most likely be my last post. All of our plans didn't fall into place this year, but then again they rarely do. God's plan and protection were way better than what we could plan but there was a few disappointments with places we had hoped to go. All in all we got a lot accomplished and enjoyed ourselves doing the work He has laid on our hearts before us. 

Mary Ann is with the other baby today that was moved to a different room today.

Glen still working on the shelving for the files in X Ray but recently ran out of work so he is finished for the day. Karl was  working on  a defibrillator but has no parts to fix it. He has .finished all the projects he can do without parts which is always a problem to try to get here.

Please continue to pray for our health and safety as we prepare to pack up, take the 3 hour bus trip to the airport, the flight, and the 2 hour car ride to arrive home( about 20 hours in all). Pray as we adjust to life back home. 

It is our desire to return and spend 6 months a year here once we raise enough support. If God has laid it on your heart to support us you may do so through our website or contacting us. We sincerely thank each one of you for your prayers,support and financial assistance to allowed us to come.