September 7, 2016 Wednesday     

Today for the second time, someone asked me if I was Jose's mother. I sure must be looking young these days! The nurse asked me how long I would be here and I told her until tomorrow. She told be Jose will cry when I am gone. I said I will also. The pastor was in as she is everyday and prayed for him. Jose is not very hungary today but is content to just look around.  

Mary Ann started in the pharmacy counting pills this morning but  Dr. Judy asked her to come be with Jose's roommate. He has several issues thrush, urinary track infection,stomach issues ( from drinking the cows milk )and possible pneumonia. Please pray for him also as well as that Jose does not catch anything from his roommate as he is so weak still.

glen is still working on the shelf for x Ray files and Karl still working on finding a part for the x Ray as well as the someone's car.