September 6,2016  Tuesday 

Karl was busy working getting the old X-ray processor up and running while we wait for parts for the newer one, which probably won't come while we are here.Fortunally it is working now.He helped work on a car and later took apart  and fixed a drill that wasn't working.

Mary Ann is working on the pharmacy counting pills again. Happy she in the airconditioning as she is not a big fan of the heat down here. 

Glen finished the bow wrench he made yesterday and today was working on making shelves for the many files in the X-ray room.

Jose vomited once again when I first arrived. His blood sugar is staying up. They changed his IV early this morning from his foot back to his arm. His face is filling out and is getting stronger little by little. I am blessed to be  here with him. This afternoon Jose got a little roommate, a 28 day old. I'm not sure of the exact problem but the mother was giving him cows milk and he got sick but probably won't be here long according to the doctor. They are going to have the mom use a breast pump to build up her supply as they can not afford formula. He is coughing a bit so I am praying Jose doesn't get sick.