Aug 31 Wednesday    

The dirt roads on the way to the hospital are really bumpy and bad. The baby I am caring for is getting stronger and can now turn his head. He is still being fed by NG tube which was changed to every two hours instead of every hour but the dose was increased. His blood sugar is still low so they added sugar water to be given in the hour he isn't being fed. He gets that by mouth and loves it. It is good to see him eat. I check his blood sugar every two hours before he eats. He still has an IV in. I am so glad I am here to help with him as the nurses are busy. i love my job! I sure will miss him and I believe he will miss me also. Mary Ann's baby is doing well. She is having a little of a rough time with adjusting to being breast fed only as the bottle was easier for her. The plan is still for her to go home on Friday and come back on Monday for a weight check to see how she is doing. We may need to stop and pick her up to bring her in, not sure yet. 

Karl worked on and fixed three infusion pumps today and Glen was fixing a chair. I don't have too many photos of them as we are with the babies. 

We had a welcome shower this afternoon that cooled things off a bit. A friend, Tubercia,that we went to see yesterday brought us fresh warm tortillas today at the hospital that she made. We ate some on the way home. They were so good!What a great gift from such a poor but giving lady.