Tuesday..Aug 30,2016

I have been waking up at 3 am for the past two nights and can't get back to sleep so I am very tired. Last night I had a slight asthma attack to please be in prayer for me on these two issues. We arrived at the hospital today to find the babies sleeping. Around 8:30 Mary Ann fed her baby who drank the whole bottle. Around 9:00 am I fed my baby in the NG tube but I noticed it was not in all the way. I asked one nurse about it and she said it was fine, but I was aftrid to feed him as I thought if it is not in all the way it may go into his lungs. I did feed him but didn't feel comfortable doing it. He made out fine for that feeding. He did not have diarrhea for the first time since I have been assigned to him. He seemed much more content today and slept a lot. Later when it was time to feed him again, I asked the head nurse about the NG tube and she said they needed to take an x-Ray to see if it was in. Jose was not happy with this. It was barely in place and if it slipped up a little more, would not be in his stomach so they pushed it in about 2 inches. Karl worked on  an IV pump and Glen worked on the baby caskets.We only worked a half a day today so we could go to the children's center to show Glen and Mary Ann. The hospital started the children's center and they now have 38 kids. It varies as some do go back home and new ones come but a lot of them have ongoing medical needs and the parents can't care for them. Some of the kids have been abandoned or neglected and a small percent of them are there only temporary until they get better which could be after many surgeries or until they are strong enough. We brought the kids some tootsie rolls and lollipops for the little ones.

 After the children's home, we took them to meet Tubercia, the woman with 11 children that Conestoga Church helped raise funds to build her a block house many years ago.  We had a nice visit with her and saw some the children. Most are grown but she still has 4-5 at home. The youngest are 12 year old twins. She let us show Mary Ann and Glen inside her old house and in her new one. She is sewing ( more like embroidery) to make enough money to send the kids to school.She also has a pig with the hope of having baby pigs to sell.  

Thank you for your prayers and support that allows to to continue to serve in this way. We are truly grateful for all of you. It will be hard for me leave this year as my heart here.