It was raining very hard when we left for work at 7 am but by the time we arrived at he hospital it had stopped. Today was a day of doing things we really enjoyed. Mary Ann and I were assigned to help with two premature babies. The little one I cared for today was 21/2 months old and only weighed 6 lbs.His mother was told to bring the baby in for a follow up visit but never did. When she finally brought him back  he was in bad shape. Malnutritioned and possibly other serious issues but they are not able to do all the testing the baby needed here. He has no strength at all and is very weak.The mother wanted to bring the baby back home but when the hospital said no as he was too sick, the mother just left the baby behind and went home. My job was to feed him, hold him,change him and care for him all day. The other baby was a 3 lb baby who needed to be fed every 2 hours and the mother was exagusted. Mary Ann helped with her today. She fed the baby so the mom could get some sleep and held the baby to give the mom a break as well as change the baby. We will be doing this the remainder of the week so I may not post anything the rest of the week. 

Glen continues to make house signs out of wood which he really enjoys. Karl continues to work on the c- arm.