I woke up at 4 am made the coffee, did devotions, ate breakfast, got dressed and made sandwiches to take for lunch at the hospital. We left at 7 am and headed down the dirt road into the jungle to the hospital. We stopped very briefly at Lisa's house since it was on the way and gave her a blessing of some left over flour we had and a DVD for the 4 kids with chickenpox to watch, then continued to the hospital. We arrive promptly at 8 am. Mary Ann and I did vital signs. There were a lot of patients to be seen. We saw many with asthma, coughs, a possible fractured wrist, pregnant, and of course worms, but the most interesting one was a 25 day old baby who had two bottom teeth already in! I have heard of babies being born with teeth but never seen one. We finished vital signs up at 11:30 .Karl and Glen worked on the C- arm which is portable x-Ray machine. 

We broke for lunch at 11:30 and after lunch Mary Ann and I were asked to pull lots of patients files for an eye team that is coming. These people are ones who have already come into the eye clinic and needed more than glasses, which is mostly all we can do without an optomologist,so they were put on a list for when a team comes down.The nurses will review each case and call the ones to come in that are likely candidates,setting up appointments for the team to evaluate. Sadly the team won't be able to see everyone.  There were many on this list and we finished the front and back for one sheet with two more sheets to do probably tomorrow. Karl and Glen continued working on the C arm in the afternoon. We arrived home at 4:30 pm, changed clothes, ate dinner, and got things ready for tomorrow.Almost time for bed.