Getting prepared to go

For several months now, as we prepare to leave and time gets closer, we find we are under tremendous spiritual warfare. If you talk to those who have know us for several years they can atest to the fact that this is nothing new as it happens every year before we go. Each year is different and the enemy tries new things to discourage us from going. This year has been no exception,however,it seems to not let up and has been much more intense. Maybe because we are talking along others with us this time, but whatever the reason, we need your prayers more than ever as we prepare  physically, mentally, and emotionally. I (Cindy) have been under physical attack and will be going in a boot up to my knee and with much pain in several areas of my body.Some have asked how I will do it and my answer is with God's help. There is no other way. I completely  rely on Him and the prayers of His people for my strength, knowing fully this is His desire for me. He is faithful and every year we are able to accomplish what He has set before us. We can only do this through the help of the Holy Spirit and with your prayers. I ask that you would pray for us starting now, before we even go.. Please pray for God's protection to surround us as well as wisdom to know what to pack and to use our time wisely. Pray for rest and healing for Cindy's body and for Karl that he is able to finnish all he needs to do at work before we go. We look forward to sharing with you what God has planned for us to do in Honduras.