We loaded the car with gospel tracks, candy,bracelets,rice and beans and left at 7 am to meet at Pastor Scott's house, which is also where we go to church. Once we arrived there he told us Elvis, a man who works with him will take us through the poor areas of town and show us where to hand out the food. We drove down some narrow roads and stopped along the way. Once we stopped we would walk to a house hand out the food and ask them if we could pray for them. We would ask if they had anything specific they needed prayer for. Often they did. After praying and blessing them, we would walk to the next house until we could walk no more and then drive down a bit until we came to another group of houses.The people were very grateful and gave us hugs. It was around 12:30 I think when we stopped along the rocky road to hand out more food. A motorcycle behind us hit us and I saw the man hit his head on our back window as I was sitting in the back seat. We all got out of the car. Although it certainly was not our fault, the men on the motorcycle wanted us to pay them for the damage to their motorcycle. Our interpreter argued a little on our behalf but felt because it was a very dangerous area we were in and he did not know if the men would harm us, so we should pay them off. We did as he said. They he proceeded to tell us we should go back so the men don't come looking for us. We had handed out most of the food already.We went back to Scott's house to access the damage on our neighbor's car we were driving since our car is not working. A dent in the back bumper that we pulled out and some scratches were the only damage. Praising God for his protection today. It could have been much worse. Please continue to pray for our health and safety on the road. We will be going to the hospital next week to work there.