Today turned out not exactly as we had planned. After we bagged all the rice and bean and corn flour up to take up the mountain we got a message from pastor Gary's wife that he was very sick and would not be able to take us at all before leaving for the states. We of course were disappointed. We called Pastor Scott to see if he may be able to take us and although he was busy today, he said he knows of many very poor people we can bless with the food tomorrow. The will be leaving at 7 am tomorrow and going to a village in the town he lives in for the morning passing out the food and gospel tracts. Then in the afternoon up the river to pass out the rest of the food. We had extra flour with no rice and beans that we will bless Lisa with for the boys. 

Today we just relaxed and worked around the house doing various things like trimming the trees and laundry, vacuuming as well as other household chores.