I got up at 4 am and cleaned up a little had my coffee, got ready for church. We left for church at 8:30.the electricity went out at 8 am and never came back on until after 6 pm. At church we had coffee and donuts. After a good service and communion at church, we went out to eat with friends since we couldn't cook at home. The food was good but we were there until 2:45. Then we went to the phone store to buy minutes for our cell phones. After that we went grocery shopping and headed for home around 6 pm. We are not usually out after dark but tonight we were due to the circumstances. Once home we put the groceries away, ate some peanut butter crackers for dinner, unpacked a little more of our things, when our neighbors stopped over to borrow a phone cable as theirs broke. Time for bed at 9 pm. A busy day tomorrow.