March 20, 2016 Update

Cindy and I are very excited about our trip to Honduras, later this summer. This will be our thirteenth year, of following Gods calling, to serve in the second poorest country of the Western Hemisphere . This year is especially exciting, as we're going with a couple, that we've been friends with, for many years. Together we will experience Gods grace and beauty, in this impoverished country.

Honduras has many attributes that are worth exploring. Tall majestic mountains that cover nearly 70% of the country's landscape, multitudes of beautiful white sandy beaches. Wildlife abundant, everywhere you look.

Despite the poverty, Honduras has wonderful people, friendly, just as curious of us, as we are of them. The children, of which are my personal favorite, just break your heart. They're  adorable, innocent, needy, and loving. This country's people have a genuine quality like no other.

God has called us, to serve His children, in Honduras . My wife and I work at Hospital Loma de Luz, which means, Light on the Hill. At the hospital, we serve in many capacities. My field of expertise in the states, is X-ray equipment repair. God has taken this work skill, and used it to further his kingdom at the hospital